About Us

"Kirirom Hillside Resort" is a new concept for enriching people's lives for the future

Kirirom Hillside Resort is a mountain resort situated along the kirirom Wildlife National Park and is a perfect hideaway offering adventure and relaxation.Forget about the rest of the world for time that you stay at the  Kirirom Hillside Resort while you enjoy yourself of the panoramic view of spell binding landscape of lush evergreen forest, and refresh your senses by the small of fresh and clean air from natural surroundings of mountain view and tropical gardens.

We are to provide an atmosphere and location where people can enjoy their lives with the beauty of nature. We hope that Kirirom will be the best place for those who want to lead a slow yet elegant life on the mountains where they can workas well.



Kirirom Hillside Resort is run by: Pencil Investment