Welcome to Kirirom Hillside Resort

"Kirirom Hillside Resort" is a new concept for enriching people's lives for the future

We aim to provide services and an atmosphere where everyone enjoys nature while conserving the environment as well. Visit our restaurant and savour our dishes special our chef has to offer and or stay in one of our innovative rooms.
The view of Paradise Restaurant is located close to the lake at the hillside of Kirirom Mountain

View of the restaurant distinctive, aside from the variety of good Khmer foods being served, is its unique naturalistic ambience. This restaurant is surrounded by lofty trees that make the sound of the wind soothing to the ears while you enjoy your meal.
Khmer food cuisine, cooked with fresh vegetables and fruits picked from our organic garden by our chef master.
Customers will enjoy the freshness of the air as well as the surrounding beauty of the forest. The greenery and the View of Restaurant will satisfy your vacation and holidays.

Cosy Place
Our cosy accommodation strategically built amongst the trees helps you create memorable scenarios you will always treasure.

Stay in one of our specially designed accommodations and experience the invigorating fresh air and tranquil environment of Kirirom National Park.

Some important skills that are needed for businessmen can be enhanced with team building activities.

Come up with strategies and try harder with your team members! Bond together in the mountain and tighten your workforce! We prepare the most suitable place for seminars and conferences for company, NGOs, government staff gathering.

Kirirom nature
Kirirom National Park is one of the well-known historical mountains in Cambodia Located in Kompong Spue Province.
Kirirom Villa
Our resort provides this special villa for a big family and it is suitable for a holiday party.
Experience a fun and safe camping under the moon light and the twinkling stars in our camping ground.